Intel® RAID offers a broad portfolio of RAID solutions designed to address the storage-related challenges of the modern day datacenter as well as the small business. Intel® RAID RS3 Controllers, Intel® Integrated RAID RMS25/S3 Modules, Intel® RAID High Availability and Intel® RAID SSD Cache provide organizations with:

  • Industry leading performance
  • Ease of use
  • Advanced data protection
  • World-class training, support and partner programs


SSD-like Performance from Hard-Drive-based RAID using SSD Cache

Solid State technology allows for drastically higher throughput and IOPs than traditional spinning drives. However, an entire array of Solid State Drives is often cost prohibitive. To allow for the best of both worlds, Intel offers the following:

Intel® RAID SSD Cache Controller RCS25ZB040: Includes up to 1TB of onboard Flash-based cache which it utilizes to accelerate Writes and also host frequently accessed data or “hot spots” in order to provide SSD array-like performance.

SSD Cache 2.0 with FastPath* I/O Key: Allows for one or more SSD to be used as super-sized cache for the RAID module or unlocks a SSD-optimized code base for SSD RAID arrays (Order code: AXXRPFKSSD2).

Scalable Performance with SAS Expanders and External Ports for JBOD Connectivity

Scalable Performance offers more than 8 SAS/SATA ports and delivers high performance associated with the throughput and IOPs possible with a high number of drives. To architect a scalable performance solution, it is recommended that a mainstream RAID product be combined with one of the following SAS expanders:

Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360: Expander board that enables the connection of up to 28 inside-the-box SAS or Serial ATA (SATA) devices. Compliant with the SAS 3.0 protocol, this expander aggregates 6Gb/s signals to allow 12Gb/s communication with RAID add-in cards capable of supporting the higher rate.

Intel® RAID Expander RES3FV288: PCIe x1 card (for power) that can be expanded to up to 20 internal and eight external ports.

Mainstream: Intelligent Hardware RAID

Mainstream RAID offers advanced application acceleration technology delivered to both add-in cards and modules with advanced firmware, drivers, utilities and management software. Mainstream RAID cards have powerful onboard processors with capabilities to perform parity generation (RAID levels 5/6/50/60) and RAID recovery operations, as well as data, memory and bus management. The following solutions are recommended for most customers desiring a mainstream solution:

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC080/040: Delivers 8 or 4 x 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 ports with a high performance RAID-On-Chip processor, 1GB DDR3 memory and LSI* MegaRAID technology.

Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080/040: Delivers 8 or 4 x 12Gb/s SAS ports with a high performance SAS 3.0 capable processor, 1GB DDR3 memory and LSI* MegaRAID technology.

SMB (Mid-Tier): I/O Controller-based with Advanced Firmware

Many servers targeted at Small and Medium Business (SMB) require advanced RAID and storage management, but do not require Mainstream (Intelligent Hardware RAID) performance. For these customers, Intel offers a unique blend of our Mainstream RAID software stack on less expensive I/O Processor-based hardware. The following products are recommended:

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS3HC080: Delivers 8 x 12Gb/s SAS 3.0 Ports with a I/O controller for low cost and LSI* MegaRAID technology for Advance Management and Hybrid RAID 5/50 (in addition to JBOD and HW RAID 0,1,10 modes).

Intel® RAID Controller RS3WC080: Delivers 8 x 12Gb/s SAS Ports with an I/O processor and MegaRAID-based firmware.

Entry-Level: I/O Controller-based Hardware RAID

Entry-level RAID offers hardware RAID 0/1/10/1E for budget oriented solutions where performance and mainstream features are not pertinent. Intel’s entry-level RAID modules are also excellent for use with JBODs when combined with accessory AXXRCVT8788. The following solutions are recommended for most customers desiring an entry-level solution:

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS3JC080: Delivers 12Gb/s SAS ports for Intel® Server Boards and Systems with a Storage I/O Module Connector. Use for simple RAID 0,1,1E or JBOD mode while preserving add-in card slot in 1U or 2U system.

Intel® RAID Controller RS3UC080: Delivers 8 x 12Gb/s ports with SAS 3.0 functionality for installation in a PCIe-slot.

Basic: Software RAID

RAID offers a subset of the features delivered in hardware RAID and is delivered as part of an operating system. Software RAID relies on system resources, processors, and memory. Software RAID is typically used for economic reasons or for mirroring an operating system. Intel sells 8 different software RAID keys including:

Intel® RAID Software RAID 5 Key RKSATA4R5: Delivers Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology with RAID levels 0/1/5/10.

Common Accessories: Cache Backup, Premium Feature Upgrade and Cables

Intel offers accessories to help ensure the highest data protection and storage availability. These include:

  • Maintenance Free Backup Units: to protect the dynamic cache.
  • Premium Feature Keys: to allow for features such as Disk Encryption Management of SED drives and High Availability failover redundancy.
  • Cable kits: to deliver high bend radius, high signal integrity and a perfect fit.

For a complete list of accessories, please see the Product Matrix.